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Sustainable Technology Adaptive Research and Implementation Center, Nepal (STARIC/N)
STARIC/N is a non-profit NGO that was established in 2004 by a group of professionals with an aim to provide quality consulting services for the promotion of various development sectors in general and RETs, water/energy, gender and entrepreneurship sectors in particular. Later in 2012 it was integrated with our group of organizations since STARIC/N had a similar vision, mission and scope of work as that of our group.

Legally it is registered at the CDO Office and the Social Welfare Council as a nongovernmental organization. The organization offers technical consulting services for a multitude of developmental activities such as Research and Development on RETs, Project Management, Socio Economic Studies, Engineering Projects, Environmental Studies, Feasibility Studies, Surveys, Evaluation Studies, Mapping and Trainings. It is a a well organized and structured organization capable of and resourceful in executing the Energy, Environment, Engineering, Gender, Agriculture, Industrial, Social and overall rural and urban development related studies and projects in a most comprehensive manner.

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28 Mar 2016
06 Jan 2016
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