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Fixed Improved Charring Kiln (FICR) and Moveable Improved Charring Kiln (MICK)
Charring Retort is a technology for production of charcoal. We promote Fixed and Moveable types of retorts for industrial scale char production. For FICR, technology operates through biomass heating using endothermic process followed by exothermic process, while for MICK, technology operates through direct combustion.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Major advantages of our ICR:
  • Increase in charcoal production output by 3 folds compared to the traditional pit system prevalent in Nepal
  • Reduces CO emission by 70% and improves occupational health status of charcoal producers
  • Allows rapid cooling of charcoal thereby reducing production cycle to one day as compared to seven days in traditional pit system.

Services offered by us:

  • Design, development and dissemination of highly-efficient & low-emission charring technology
  • Awareness and local capacity strengthening for dissemination
Application of Char as an alternative fuel in brick kilns
Char is a non-timber woody biomass-based carbonized renewable fuel, which is produced using forest residue as a part of the annual cleaning up campaign for sustainable forest management practice. It can be utilized as an internal fuel, substituting imported coal to fire in brick kilns. This way  producers do not have to compress to make beehive briquettes. Char dust promotion will contribute to the reduction of total production cost, thereby increasing the profit margin.

More than 143,000 community Forest Users Groups (CFUGs), 40% of total households of Nepal, now own and manage community forests in 122,000-hectare land. The forest residue coming out of this huge area has great potential to replace imported coal for brick kilns.

From an environmental point of view, if char replaces coal in brick firing, there is a much higher potential to reduce SO2 and the Total Suspended Particles (TSP) from brick kilns.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Services offered by us:

  • Resource based analysis and quantification of forest waste potential from existing community forests
  • Applied R&D and piloting of the improved char producing furnace (with at least 15% higher efficiency)
  • Construction and training to local people on improving char production
  • Piloting of business model to establish backward and forward linkage of char and create value chain for forest waste

We won the "Best Innovative Clean Energy Technology" award for this concept during the Asia Clean Energy Forum on June 2009 in Manila, Philippines.

Improved Cook Stoves (ICS)
Improved cook stoves are the biomass based clean and efficient cook stoves that helps to improve rural and semi urban livelihood creating healthy environment conserving local resources.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Major advantages are:
  • Clean cooking solution for household, institutional and commercial sector
  • Reduces fuel by 40-50% in household stove and up to 80% in institutional stove
  • Up to 70% carbon monoxide (CO) reduction
  • High flexibility on fuel use in institutional stoves (fire wood, briquettes, charcoal etc.)
  • Up to 70% saving in cooking time
  • Portable and can be adjusted as per kitchen/institutional layout
  • Durable and service warranty offered for 1 year

Services offered by us:

  • Design and development of fuel efficient, low emission, and user compatible cooking technologies for household and institutional/commercial sector
  • Technology transfer and dissemination of fuel-efficient cooking stoves in household, institutional and commercial sectors
  • Awareness campaign on Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) and need for efficient, clean cooking technology
  • Capacity building of local organizations on clean cook stove and IAP
  • Women empowerment and develop financial mechanism for dissemination

Our ICS product range:

  • Single burner stove (single pothole)
  • Double burner stove with chimney adapter (two pothole)
  • Double burner stove without chimney adapter (two pothole without chimney)
  • Charcoal stove
  • Institutional Cook stove (40/80/200 lt)

MinErgy is the sole distributor of highly efficient PRAKTI stoves for Nepal.

Biogas is a proven technology for solid waste management and has been extensively used in waste-to-energy system. The major composition of biogas is CH4, CO2, H2S and others. The system has two major outputs, combustible gas and quality fertilizer as slurry. We are pre-qualified to perform feasibility and detail feasibility of large biogas plant as well as construction of the plant in Nepal.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Major advantages are:
  • Biogas is a clean and green gas
  • Potential of replacing biomass energy at household as well as institutional level using biological degradable .
  • Multiple end-use applications include heat, electricity generation, combined heat and power
  • Very efficient decomposition, nutrient recovery and recycle

Services offered by us:

  • Feasibility and detail feasibility study for biogas installation
  • Biogas Plant design for household and commercial models
  • Construction for institutions, communities, commercial and industrial sectors
Solar PV and Solar Thermal Technology
Solar Photovoltaic and the Solar Thermal technologies are based on solar energy, which is available free of cost. Solar PV is for electricity generation while solar thermal technology is more for thermal processing sector for various types of products in industries.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Major advantages are:

  • Solar energy is freely available natural resource
  • It has potential to replace commercial and fossil fuel involved in thermal processing and electricity generation at industrial sector; hence results in cost saving
  • It is an environment friendly technology
  • It can make our country energy self-sufficient thereby saving foreign currencies being spent on energy import
  • It has high potential sector for clean development mechanism at industrial scale.

Services offered by us:

  • Awareness on solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology at local and industrial level
  • Capacity building to the local technical individual and organization on these technologies
  • System analysis, design, and technology transfer for the installation of the system
  • Promotion of solar technologies for electric and thermal uses

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