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Suyesh Prajapati Usha Maskey Manandhar
Managing Director
Expert - Techno-Social Integration

Ms. Manandhar has been an integral part of the team as a founder member since its inception in 2008. Ms. Manandhar leads the group passionately as Managing Director since in inception. With a Master degree in Sustainable International Development, and over twenty years of active work experience in the development field, She had worked with the founding team in VSBK for a long time and felt comfortable with the group. When the idea of opening their own organization was floated, she was an eager participant. She says the team is solution oriented, dynamic and hard working. A unique part of working with the team, which comprises mostly of technical talents, is that problems and issues are approached in an integrated way through both social and technical lenses. She feels that the two blend very well, creating a very innovative and interesting scenario. Usha is very passionate about her work, which is reflected in the way she has helped build the organization into a highly respected and reputable place.
Suyesh Prajapati Suyesh Prajapati
Programme Director

Mr. Prajapati has specialized in technology transfer management with focus on Energy and Environment. He is a Masters in Environment with specialization in Climate Change Adaptation from Griffith University, Australia. He also has a Masters degree in Renewable Energy from Tribhuvan University and a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kathmandu University. Mr. Prajapati has over ten years of experience in cleaner brick firing technology transfer projects in Nepal and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and Rwanda. His portfolio includes research and practical experience in cleaner fuel substitution, emission reduction and waste to energy projects. He has expertise in project design, development, implementation and management.

Mr. Prajapati is a founder member of the consortium and worked in the SDC supported project on VSBK with them. When VSBK proposed privatizing the project, he along with Usha Manandhar, Sanu Babu Dangol, Mangal Krishna Maharjan and a few others registered it in 2008 as a private limited company. "We were willing to take the risk" he says. The current group of companies and NGOs work in various sectors that make it dynamic and challenging with a lot of learning for the whole team. His team is relatively young, and flexible. It gives him immense pleasure to see how far they have come from 2008.
Suyesh Prajapati Sanu Babu Dangol
Program Coordinator / Civil Engineer

Mr. Dangol is a Civil Engineer by profession. He has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. He has more than eight years of experience in civil construction work for various private consultancies as well as development organizations. He brings seven years of expertise of working in the brick sector. Clients seek him out for his easy going and pleasant nature and his high work ethics. Sanu Babu is a founder member of the team of organizations. He says that they started on a small scale with bricks and have now moved on to bigger areas like energy, building constructions, bio gas, improved cooking stoves, development of new technologies like innovative machinaries. His work interests him a lot. He works more in the field. He says his heart swells with pride when he sees what the team has achieved after their initital days of struggle.
Anil Maharjan Anil Maharjan
Coordinator - Renewable Energy

Mr. Maharjan is a Renewable Energy expert. He has a Masters degree in Engineering Technology Innovation and Management, from the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. He did his Bachelors in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has over five years of experience working in renewable energy technologies at household and industrial level, He has also worked on improved cooking stoves, gasifiers, solar home system, as well as in waste to energy management. Currently, he is working on improved charring retorts to produce charcoal from forest waste. He joined the team two and a half years ago. He likes the working environment of the organization and feels good to have played a small part in it. For a person whose hobby is working, being able to adapt theory into practical action is very motivating.
Suyesh Prajapati Sharada Nepali

Ms. Nepali carries out field activities of the various projects. She has been active in community mobilization, particularly in nutrition, water and sanitation, along with child development. Since joining in December 2012, she has been involved in the social side of the projects. She says she is getting an opportunity to learn new things every day. The team is good and there is harmony between technicians and social workers. At the moment she is working for a project funded by Antenna foundation on raising awareness on safe drinking water. She has a small child but due to the flexible nature of her work has been able to manage work life balance successfully. Sharada has a Bachelors Degree in Management.
Sarita Shilpakar Sarita Shilpakar
Marketing Officer

Ms. Shilpakar has a BBS from Tribhuvan University. She joined the team in February 2014 to market the products of Innovative Machinery, mostly brick making machines. Before coming here she was looking after the gift shop inside the premises of Patan Durbar museum. She says working in the technical field is a new experience for her, and she is enjoying it. She likes listening to music and using the internet during her free time.
Basanti Limbu Basanti Limbu
Retort Overseer

Ms. Limbu is an Overseer with a Diploma in Architecture from Tribhuvan University. She is a young and motivated team player with strong dedication to her work. She oversees the construction work of buildings as well as mechanical structures such as fixed and moveable improved charring retorts in the projects. Currently, she is deputed as retort overseer in the project, "Up-scaling the production and consumption of bio-energy to reduce carbon emissions and enhance local employment in Nepal", funded by European Union where STARIC/N is one of the implementing organizations. This is her first job and it has been a good learning experience for her. As she works in the fields directly with the beneficiaries she finds the work very challenging sometimes. For example she has learnt not to force workers who show no interest in working. Instead she leaves it to the supervisors to apply other forms of mediation.
Suyesh Prajapati Pradip Gyawali
Renewable Energy Engineer

Mr. Pradip Gyawali , a mechanical engineer by profession has a Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Kathmandu University. He has more than six years of experience in renewable energy sector particularly promotion and dissemination of improved cooking stoves, gasifier, solar home system and micro hydro. He is associated with STARIC/N as a Renewable Energy Engineer.

Before joining the team he worked in a project for six years that had defined guidelines. He was aware that Staric worked in various sectors and was interested to become a part of the team. He joined here in February and has been working in the brick and renewable energy sectors. He finds the working environment flexible and encouraging.
Suyesh Prajapati Sabina Giri

Ms. Giri supports the entire team with the logistical, administration and financial matters. . She has a Bachelors Degree in Rural Development and Business Studies. She is in charge of the day to day functioning of the organization. She takes pride in saying that she is the first staff to join MinErgy. She started with a single file and now the company employees more than ten staff members. Though she looks after the finance side of things, she says she knows a lot about the activities of the project due to the regular brain storming sessions the team has. Everyone is welcome to give their suggestions and ideas in such sessions. She feels that the office is not at all like a working place. The team is very supportive and encouraging. She says she doesn't want to work anywhere if she should ever leave here because she is sure there are no other working places like here. She is a follower of Osho and is dedicated to meditation and encourages her colleagues to take it up too.
Suyesh Prajapati Sanjeer Lal Shrestha
Field Supervisor

Mr. Shrestha holds an Intermediate Degree in Management from Tribhuvan University. He supports the technical staff in various field related activities such as installation & operation of improved charring technologies, improved cooking stoves and innovative brick making machines. Sanjeer joined the team in July 2013. Before this he was working in various jobs like money exchange and Sajha publication. He says at first he found it difficult to work in this new area, but he learnt as he went along and now he is well adapted to various projects he provides his inputs to.
Sagar Adhikari Sagar Adhikari

Mr. Sagar Adhikari holds Master Degree in Environmental Science from Tribhuvan University and has more than five years of experience in the sector of water quality assessment, application of renewable energy and air pollution. Furthermore he also has good experiences on initial environment examine (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Landslide and Flood Vulnerability Assessment and application of Geographic information systems (GIS). He has joined STARIC/N team as a program officer.

"It is my golden opportunity to work with this team. The motivating and enthusiastic working team always motivates me to work in efficient way. I feel proud to be an active member of this organization."
Shayu Prajapati Shayu Prajapati

Ms. Prajapati is an Architect by profession. She has completed her Bachelors Degree (BArch) in Architecture from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. She also has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Ace Institute of Management.

Ms. Prajapati has over 6 years of work experience as an Architect. She brings in experience from various private as well as international organizations in Nepal. In addition, she has been working as an independent Consultant Architect since 2008. She has an expertise in designing & managing construction projects, training delivery, research and report writing. She is especially interested in cost effective & energy efficient building technologies and solutions. Currently, she is working as a Program Officer at STARIC Nepal.

She strongly believes that learning is a lifelong process and learning by doing is the best way to learn. She says "Hard work, patience and values are the three things that shape our meaningful today and successful tomorrow."
Suyesh Prajapati Binita Dangol
Support Staff

Ms. Dangol who joined the team last year, makes sure that everyone at work is comfortable and their needs are met. She gives the team tea, lunch, and whatever it is they want. She has a son who is four years old and goes to a nursery school. Her husband is a cook.

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