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Innovative Brick Making Machine (previous version: IMB75-1326)
With two years of research, design development, dedication and hard-work, Innovative Machineries Pvt. Ltd. has launched a locally designed and manufactured soft molding brick making machine named "Innovative Brick Making Machine". This is an advanced version of our first soft molding brick making machine (IMB75-1326) which was launched in 2012.

These machines consist of a horizontal pugmill, rotating drum with pneumatically controlled mold boxes, electric motors, oil sprayer and conveyors to transport clay and green bricks. The new version has a higher production capacity.

Production capacity: 32,000 bricks per day
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

The key features and benefits of this machine are:

  • High quality green (raw) bricks with uniform shape & size and improved strength
  • Locally designed and fabricated
  • Production of embossed as well as extruded bricks
  • Fuel efficient & durable
  • Cost effective compared to imported machines
  • Availability of after sales service/technical repair & maintenance service locally

Services offered by us:

  • Fabrication and sales of innovative brick making machine
  • After sales service
  • Design and fabrication of other machineries on demand

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