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Bi-Cable Goods Ropeway
The bi-cable goods ropeway technology is based on the Japanese system that operates by a double drum winch. When one drum rotates, the haulage rope is henceforth moved and the winding of the rope in the other drum lowers/lifts the carriage. Unlike other ropeway system that transports goods from one tower to another, bi-cable ropeway offers horizontal as well as vertical transportation of goods between the towers. Thus, it increases service coverage area and utility value. Three such systems have already been installed in Lamjung district in Nepal with technical and financial assistance from Japan.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Major advantages of Bi-Cable Goods Ropeway are:
  • It is completely environment friendly and does not release any pollution
  • It can be constructed anywhere, which makes installation simple in rural areas with little area that can be assigned to the bi-cable system tower
  • More than 80% of parts are re-usable metal parts and only 20% of the construction part (concrete) is not reusable
  • The efficiency and usefulness of technology is further enhanced as it can be used both ways and vertically and horizontally as well. This boosts utility value and makes investment benefits more effective
  • The currently under utilized electricity generated from micro-hydro can be a source of energy for its operation
  • Easy to install and can be fabricated by local suppliers with skill impartation
  • The local population from rural areas can easily operate and maintain the system, therefore contributing to local continuous employment

Services offered by us:

  • Detailed technical and economical feasibility studies for installing bi-cable ropeway
  • Detailed technical design and drawing for bi-cable system
  • Quality supervision for the construction and installation of this technology
  • Linkages to the suppliers of quality materials as per the design standard
  • Provision of operational and maintenance training for the local human resource

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