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Core Competency
Our core competency lies in the pool of highly qualified and experienced team members that we have in technical, social and the financial field. Almost all team members have worked for over a decade in various sectors such as energy, environment, health and other social sectors.

The team members have experience of working nationally as well as internationally in fields like social mobilization, technology development for energy-efficiency and renewable energy, workplace health and safety, green building construction. The team has proven skills in leadership, project designing, planning and management as well as in financial management, coordination, report writing and presentation. Along with experiences within Nepal, they also bring in experiences of providing services to international projects.

With academic qualifications such as Masters Degree in Sustainable International Development, Climate Change Adaptation, Renewable Energy, Technology and Innovation Management, Structural Engineering, Sociology, Child Development, Gender Socialization and Sustainable Process Engineering, and Bachelor's degrees in Business Studies, Arts and Civil Engineering, our team holds a wide range of diverse knowledge and expertise.

We have a record of having completed highly successful projects in the past with positive reviews from partner organizations, donor agencies and other stakeholders in our network. This was possible because of strong motivation and dedication shown by each individual in collectively working towards our short- term goals to achieve our aim for developing an economically, environmentally and socially energy efficient Nepal.

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