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Preparation of national strategy paper to improve brick kiln condition

MinErgy Pvt. Ltd. (MinErgy) in collaboration with Federation of Nepal Brick Industry (FNBI) is assisting International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in implementation of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) brick initiative in the South Asian region. CCAC is the only global effort that unites governments, civil society and private sector, committed to improving air quality and protecting the climate in next few decades by reducing short-lived climate pollutants across sectors. ICIMOD is the implementing agency of CCAC brick initiative in the Asia region. The CCAC brick kiln initiative is aimed at achieving substantial reductions of black carbon and other emissions from brick kilns through employing a range of technology and policy approaches.

MinErgy is a service oriented company, registered in 2008 under Company Act 2021 BS with the Company Registers Office, which works for the production & marketing of environmental friendly, cost effective technologies to generate livelihoods. It inherits the competencies, know-how and expertise having worked alongside in the Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) Project in Nepal, funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Its scope of work includes Renewable Energy and Climate Change, Occupational Health and social Development, Brick and Built Environment, Sustainable Transport and Environment.

Purpose and Objective
Brick is the most common building material in Nepal. There are about 800 brick kilns in Nepal. The investment in the sector is estimated 36 million USD. Despite huge investment, brick industries are considered as informal sector and have inherent environmental and social issues. Transformation of the sector is happening but rather in slow pace. There is no clear strategic guidance to transform and modernize the sector. Many existing policies are rudimentary and enforcement is rather weak hence not sufficient enough to bring the holistic change in the sector. There is need for comprehensive national strategy paper to strengthen policy framework and make this industry more energy efficient, environment friendly and socially responsive.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide decision makers, national governments and sub-national entities with tools, information and programmatic support to develop comprehensive policy frameworks to improve brick kiln conditions and operations, and reduce emissions related to brick production.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

  • Prepare portfolio of current policies measures associated with brick industry
  • Prepare national strategy paper of Nepal with policy actions to improve brick kiln conditions and operations, and reduce emissions related to brick production
  • Prepare a report with recommendations for policy actions at national level

Scope of Work
The overall responsibility of the team leader is to lead and guide the process for developing comprehensive national strategy paper for the betterment of brick industry in Nepal. Specifically, this will include following tasks:

1. Develop current policies portfolio of brick industries in Nepal

  • Identify and review existing policy documents related with brick industry. This includes plans, polices frameworks, laws and other relevant documents
  • Review existing institutional arrangements regulating brick industry
  • Interact with relevant stakeholders for information collection and better understanding of existing strategies and policies
  • Prepare policies portfolio and a short power-point outlining the key findings
  • Present findings to the working committee

2. Prepare draft national strategy paper

  • Review other current relevant policy frameworks, laws, approaches and national implementation plans
  • Develop better understanding of the current situation of brick business including opportunities, constraints and challenges
  • Hold discussion with government agencies including ministry of industry, ministry of environment, ministry of finance, department of cottage and small industries, department of industry, department of environment, department of labor, development partners, brick entrepreneurs, associations such as FNBI, Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) and sector experts to identify gaps and opportunities as well as to gain support and cooperation for preparing the strategy paper
  • Review international plan, policies and guidelines related to brick industry
  • Develop draft national strategy paper for discussion
  • Present draft strategy paper to the working committee

3. Finalize national strategy paper

  • Discuss and agree on the methodology for stakeholder consultation workshop
  • Assist in organizing three consultation workshops for brick entrepreneurs and one national stakeholder consultation workshop
  • Present draft national strategy paper in consultation workshops and lead discussion to receive feedback on draft national strategy paper
  • Finalize national strategy paper incorporating comments and feedbacks from consultation workshops. The final strategy paper should include existing policy portfolio, gaps in existing plans and policies, and policy action for the overall improvement of the sector.
  • Prepare final national strategy paper to the working committee
  • Present the national strategy paper in the second regional workshop of Asia PAN

Management and coordination

  • Manage, guide and mobilize the other team members to carry out the assignment
  • Prepare detail plan of action to execute the assignment
  • Maintain regular communication with donor and implementation agencies
  • Prepare and submit progress reports

Required skills

  • Knowledge about brick industries in Nepal
  • Atleast 15 years of work experience in policy review, formulation and implementation
  • Experience of designing strategy paper or policy documents for government, private or donor agencies
  • Strong management, coordination and communication abilities
  • Good connection with government agencies and private sector

The duration of this task shall be 3 months from the date of signing the contract agreement.

The consultant shall propose realistic budget for conducting the assignment. Estimated number of days for the execution of the assignment is 30 days.

Terms of payment

The payments shall be done on the installment basis as specified below:
i. 30% upon signing the contract
ii. 30% upon submission of draft national strategy paper
iii. 40%% upon submission of final national strategy paper

Tax will be applied as per government rules and regulation.

Potential candidates should submit a CV to Mr. Suyesh Prajapati at no later than 15 April 2016

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