Key Working Sectors
Brick and Built Environment
With the construction know-how inherited from VSBK Project/Nepal, we have gained experience and expertise in this sector as we continue to work for sustainable construction.
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal
Minergy Nepal

Some of our key services are:
  • Promotion and dissemination of cleaner brick firing technologies such as HABLA, VSBK and improved ZigZag kiln
  • Promotion of internal fuel brick making practices and alternative fuel application in brick kilns
  • Design and construction of green buildings
  • Design and construction of earthquake resilient buildings
  • Promotion and application of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient walling and roofing technologies
  • Production and application of environmentally-friendly building materials such as concrete hollow blocks (CHB), concrete door and window frames, micro concrete roofing tiles (MCR tiles), paving tiles etc

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