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Suyesh Prajapati Usha Maskey Manandhar

Ms. Manandhar has been an integral part of the team as a founder member since its inception in 2008. With a Master degree in Development Studies, and over twenty years of active work experience in the development field, Ms. Manandhar lead the group passionately as Managing Director for the past five years. Recently she has taken up the role of Adviser of the group. She had worked with the founding team in VSBK for a long time and felt comfortable with the group. When the idea of opening their own organization was floated, she was an eager participant. She says the team is solution oriented, dynamic and hard working. A unique part of working with the team which comprises mostly of technical talents is that social problems are also seen through a technical point of view. She feels that the two blend very well, creating a very innovative and interesting scenario. Usha is very passionate about her work, which is reflected in the way she has helped build the organization into a highly respected and reputable place.
Mangal Krishna Maharjan Mangal Krishna Maharjan

Mr. Mangal Krishna Maharjan is a brick entrepreneur and has more than 30 years of experience in the brick sector. With his wide range of expertise in the overall brick making process such as green brick making, brick firing in Moveable Chimney Bull Trench Kiln, Fixed Chimney Bull Trench Kiln and lately in environment friendly Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln technologies gives an edge in the brick making technologies. He has experience of transforming clean brick making and firing technology in South Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Shyam Sundar Shrestha Shyam Sundar Shrestha

Mr. Shrestha is one of the key members of the group. His expertise is on engineering design and development. He has a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy from DALARNA University, Sweden (with a specialization in PC thermal hybrid systems) and Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, India (with a specialization in Solar Home Heating). Professionally, he has more than ten years of work experience in design, development and implementation of ropeway transport technology. Additionally, he has over six years of experience in design, development and assessment of small and micro hydropower projects in Nepal.
Ramesh Chaudhary Ramesh Chaudhary

He has been associated with the team since 2011. He has a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He teaches robotics at the Pulchowk Engineering Campus where he leads the robotics club. Mr. Chaudhary has taken part in international robotic competitions from 2001 onwards. In 2002 in Tokyo his team won a special commendation award for their theme: Climb on the Mount Fuji. They have also won awards in competitions held at Beijing, Malaysia, and India. He has played a big role in designing various machines related to the brick industry for the team. He says he enjoys working with the team and finds them very hard working and motivated.
Gam  Prasad Gurung Gam Prasad Gurung

He is associated with the team since 2011. He has bachelor degree in Sociology from Tri Chandra College, by profession he is a businessman and proactive in social development sector as well. He is vice chairperson of Lamjung Skill Development Foundation and member of District Development Committee and coordinator of District plan Committee.
Suyesh Prajapati Seema Rajouria

Seema Rajouria is a communications specialist who started her career more than two decades ago as a journalist. She works in the areas of development communications, public relations, advocacy and campaigning. She has now started working in social policy also. Ms. Rajouria believes that good communication is the key to success. She has used this theory to guide MinErgy Initiatives and other organizations in the consortium to highlight their work in the media, among stakeholders, interested partners and the public, so that they are aware of the excellent work that is being done.

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