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We are a group of organizations dedicated to working on environment friendly, energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy at household and industrial level to provide improved energy, environment and health conditions. Our group includes MinErgy Pvt. Ltd., MinErgy Initiatives, Innovative Machineries Pvt. Ltd. and Sustainable Technology Adaptive Research and Implementation Center, Nepal (STARIC/N).

Initially we started with registration of MinErgy Pvt. Ltd. in 2008 as an offspring of Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) Project (funded by Swiss Government) for the production and marketing of environmentally sound, cost effective technologies that would generate livelihoods. In 2011, we further expanded our scope of work with registration of Innovative Machineries that undertakes manufacturing of industrial machineries to cater especially to the brick industry in Nepal, which till now relies mostly on imported machineries. In the same year, Minergy Initiatives, a non profit, non-governmental organization was established with a motive to implement Corporate Social Responsibility projects covering public health, education, energy, environment and climate-induced disasters and adaptation issues.

Later in 2012, we integrated a non-profit NGO- Sustainable Technology Adaptive Research and Implementation Center, Nepal (STARIC/N-established. 2004) into our group since STARIC/N had a similar vision, mission and scope of work as that of our group. In particular, STARIC/N aims to provide quality technical consulting for the promotion of various development sectors in general and, water/energy, gender and entrepreneurship sectors in particular. Hence, we have a good portfolio that consists of both private firms as well as non-profit development organizations. We aim to achieve our vision by balancing our work through these organizations.

Our group of units is managed by a team of young, highly motivated and dynamic, qualified, energetic multidisciplinary professionals who are capable of bringing together innovative ideas & expertise at both policy and implementation level. Direct involvement of these professionals ensures a high quality service and product according to the needs of its national and international clientele. We also maintain a roaster of specialized individual consultants for providing the highest level of specialized services.

We are affiliated with some global & national agencies such as Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves (GACC), Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), Nepal Alliance for Clean Cooking Stoves (NACC) and Brick Clean Group - (MinErgy Initiatives is the Secretariat). We are proud to have worked with renowned international agencies and national organizations such as UNDP, The World Bank, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Global Environmental Facility (GEF), ANTENNA Technologies, Skat Consulting Rwanda Ltd. Rwanda, Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), NORAD etc.

We have a history of good work ethic, conducive organizational culture, clean financial reporting and timely settlement/clearance with government bodies such as Department of Revenue and Tax Office.

To achieve prosperous and enabled communities that will respond and contribute to energy-efficient, clean and healthy environment.

Committed to empower communities to respond to their needs, issues and to adapt to solutions for a secure livelihood.

  • To provide sustainable solutions to prevalent economical, environmental, health and social issues
  • To provide skills and services in technology transfer management, technology development, techno-social integration and community empowerment to mitigate and adapt to climate change effects
  • To empower communities by adopting psycho-social approach in community mobilization and utilizing technological, economic and enterprise instruments.

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