We are a group of organizations dedicated to working on energy efficient technologies and renewable energy at household and industrial level to achieve the improved energy, environment and health conditions.

MinErgy Pvt. Ltd.
A service oriented company that works for the production & marketing of environmental friendly, cost effective technologies to generate livelihoods. Its scope of work includes Renewable Energy and Climate Change, Occupational Health and Social Development, Brick and Built Environment, Sustainable Transport and Environment.
Sustainable Technology Adaptive Research and Implementation Center, Nepal (STARIC/N)
A non-profit NGO with a pool of experienced & resourceful professionals representing a broad spectrum of expertise. Its aim is to provide technical consultancy services for promotion of numerous developmental activities such as water, energy, gender and entrepreneurship sectors.
Innovative Machineries Pvt. Ltd.
A manufacturing unit that produces industrial machineries for brick industry in Nepal. It is also involved in applied research mainly to suit the need of brick industry.
MinErgy Initiatives
A non profit, non-governmental organization, which implements Corporate Social Responsibility projects covering public health, education, energy, environment and climate-induced disasters and adaptation issues.

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